Introducing Wicket and Paybby

Wicket and Paybby

Paybby (pronounced pay-baby) is a consumer finance technology company seeking to offer black and brown communities what they truly need — a bank offering more targeted services, financial empowerment through education, innovative personal finance tools and a financial institution that cares about long-term well-being.

Paybby recently acquired Wicket, a smart digital bank personalized for each user. The acquisition of Wicket adds to our existing services and products that include the ‘Together We Can’ program where business owners and independent contractors can be considered for PPP loans. This platform was introduced to accelerate the funding process for small businesses. As many small businesses have had to close their doors, this pandemic has had a devastating impact on local economies, the families of business owners, and the communities they operate in.

Paybby and Wicket Internet Banking have collaborated to offer minority communities the banking services they need. Our website provides the necessary instructions to set up a bank account on Wicket and start banking immediately.

Perks of Wicket and Paybby

Easy PPP Loan Approval Assistance

Top-Notch Security

Covid-19 Financial Relief

Quick Support

Services of Paybby and Wicket

Applying for a PPP loan is not easy, but we’ve made it easier for you. As a retail banking customer, you can use Wicket to meet your banking needs. We’re here to help, so please visit our website to learn more about us. Download Wicket and start banking today. The iPhone version is available on the website, while the Android version is coming soon.

A Challenger Bank built to empower the Black and Brown communities to build wealth and gain full access to the benefits of banking.