Introducing Wicket — how to download the app and key features

Wicket Internet Banking has partnered with Paybby to offer minority communities the banking services they need. Wicket offers an incredible personal banking service that is secure, and easy to use. You can now have a personalized banking experience through the Wicket app on the iPhone app store. In the app, you can automatically save and make more informed financial decisions by tracking your spending with an intuitive mobile app. Our website provides the necessary instructions to set up a bank account on Wicket and start banking immediately.

Key Features of Wicket

Wicket helps you earn up to 10.00% per annum on your saving by inviting family and friends. We’ve designed the Wicket app according to your banking needs and requirements, creating an efficient and innovative approach to banking. With an easy-to-use, truly free product solution and smart money management tool, you can avoid budgeting guesswork and achieve your financial goals sooner.

Wicket also offers:

· NO FEE Banking:

· No monthly service fees

· High security and peace of mind

· No minimum balance requirement

· No overdraft fees

· No complex jargons and user interface

· No ATM fees at 32,000 locations

SAVE MORE with automated tools such as our overview feature, which allows you to “set and forget” to help you reach your goals faster.

Advanced Biometric Security — Voice and face recognition for enhanced account protection and hassle-free login.

Debit card management lets you get behind the wheel. Activate and select your PIN right in the app — and for added protection, you can lock and unfreeze your card at any time.

Many rely on high-value services such as international money transfers, money orders, check to cash, predatory lending (payday, payback, pawnshop, and car loans) worth over $ 100 billion. With Wicket, you can bid those days farewell!

How to Download the app

· You can download the Wicket app from App Store and link to your other checking and savings Plaid and link to your other bank accounts.

· To link to your account, you will input your username and password for the financial institution you are attempting to connect.

· You can log in, or if you have your facial ID set up, you can log into Plaid using your facial ID.

· Once your account is linked, you can add money to your Wicket bank account and start using it for your purchases.

· You can see all your accounts in one dashboard. This way, you can easily keep track of your money. Also, you will get a monthly Wicket statement each month in your Wicket bank app.

A Challenger Bank built to empower the Black and Brown communities to build wealth and gain full access to the benefits of banking.

A Challenger Bank built to empower the Black and Brown communities to build wealth and gain full access to the benefits of banking.