Paybby to Add Cryptocurrency Investments to Wicket by Paybby’s Mobile Bank

NEW YORK. May 17, 2021. Paybby, the leading fintech for the Black and Brown communities, will add Crypto investments to the Wicket by Paybby app. The new features will be available in Summer 2021. Interested users can sign up to become early bird “beta testers” and qualify for crypto “Airdrops” and other benefits.

With rising interest in cryptocurrency investment opportunities, Paybby wants to make it easy for Black and Brown communities to participate in a safe and valuable way.

“Paybby wants to recirculate capital back to the Black and Brown communities and to provide bank accounts to the unbanked and underbanked,” said Hassan Miah, the CEO of Paybby. “As Cryptocurrency soars, we don’t want these communities to be left behind.”

The Blockchain sector is more diverse than other tech industries because cryptocurrency boasts financial inclusion and the democratization of global economics, yet according to several studies, the typical miners and users are white, young, and male.

The African and LatinX American communities, however, appear to be missing out on the cryptocurrency movement due to a lack of knowledge and distrust in the process. Paybby wants to change that by making it possible for them to participate in these channels.

In addition to adding crypto investments, Paybby offers equity crowdfunding so the Black and Brown communities can have ownership in a bank dedicated to their needs. These investments are typically not available to smaller, non-institutional investors. Now anyone can invest in Paybby and own a piece of the Wicket smart banking app. Digital banking is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries as users around the world discover the benefits of mobile-only digital banking.

Equity crowdfunding allows our communities and our users to invest in Paybby and join us in our journey.

Wicket Mobile Banking by Paybby is available now on both Android and iPhone versions.

Wicket by Paybby is a smart digital bank personalized for each user. Wicket’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence and biometric technology adds an extra layer of security using face and voice recognition for a more seamless and secure experience that is personalized to each user.

The Black and Brown communities have been largely excluded from participating in the American financial system. Many new digital banks which recruit Black celebrities and athletes suggest that white-owned banks will protect their interests. Yet less than 1% of venture capital goes to Black entrepreneurs and these financial institutions have done little to recirculate capital into the Black and Brown communities. Paybby wants to change that and build products and services that benefit the community.

The Paybby equity crowdfunding offering can be found through the Title3 Portal:


Paybby is a Fintech company built for the benefit of the Black and Brown communities. We seek to advocate for the communities that have systematically not received fair access to financial services. We empower customers by providing better banking, innovative tools to manage finances, and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and build wealth.

To learn more, please visit,




A Challenger Bank built to empower the Black and Brown communities to build wealth and gain full access to the benefits of banking.

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A Challenger Bank built to empower the Black and Brown communities to build wealth and gain full access to the benefits of banking.

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